“There were REWARDS then and even TODAY we have REWARDS”

Today it is almost impossible to  “SHOP” or even open an “ACCOUNT” that you   are also handed paper work to fill out  – – to join in this  organisation’s … “REWARD” program! 

Back in the 1940’s as a small child – – I did know that if  you bought your merchandise at this location you would receive “Eagle Stamps”   which later on  you would use to buy whatever you wanted. ( A Reward for shopping there.)

Today  – collecting “stamps” – – forget that… too much TIME  wasted  – – things move faster – – it is all fast  and furious  with  “REWARDS”  for merchandise NOW!

And so… thinking back in time…

Sometimes, I have a wild imagination, realized that in the 3rd and 4th grades.  Sister Florence taught the 3rd and 4th grades, and from what I remember  when she  would talk about her life before becoming  a “Nun”,  that as a young girl she never smelt any unpleasant smells?   It is odd the stuff you remember someone saying.  She  was writing a book,   “Topsy”,  and every so often she would read a chapter to us in class,   as  a special treat!   Sister Florence may have studied art,   because she seem to have lots of  natural talent and  ability, as in her class room  we had  an  “art table” she  had  lots of paints and colored pencils to  do almost anything in the creative field.

For  every  “Holiday”, she would  have each of us students make something  for  our  “Parents”, and since my Mother  saved everything that  I and my brothers made, I now,  still have some of    “our Prize works of  Art”!

My big break for writing came when  Sister Florence, opened a box of  “Pictures”  cut out from magazines and other sources in the  1940’s;  she had announced  that we should  take a picture from the box  and write a story  –  something interesting   and long enough to be of  interest to our parents and all those who would be reading it on “Anniversary  Day.”

Sister  Florence  also said – –  the magic words that I like to hear – – even TODAY – –  there would be a  “Prize”!   That’s all I needed  to hear!    So I went to that “BOX” and looked through those pictures  and pulled out several that just seem to grab me… by the hand.  To me,  “A   picture  is worth   a “Thousand Words”,  – – so carried away  – – I could come up with a story of at least 200 hundred words – – some more or less – – but a good picture that can call out a “STORY” to me… as to why that PHOTO was taken or why that scene was there – – for what purpose – – so many questions – – calling out to be answered – – so much so that  I still  “TODAY”  –  LOVE  putting  that  answer to the PHOTOS,  that I post!

 “My imagination  just ran away with me – – I wrote  “32” stories and  won the  “Prize” – – I can not remember what the “PRIZE”  was – – but,  on  that  “Anniversary Day” –  I had more FUN than anyone – – bringing my FAMILY and Friends to our class room – –  just to show off all those stories hanging all over our class room!”

NOW… that is what I call a  “REWARD” – – and one to remember for  ever and always!  Thanking the Almighty Yahweh for His good gifts to us – – and the talents to use them – – and, it is in the remembering of  those good TIMES – – that are worth more  than  any  thing  you could   have otherwise received!   D.V.

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