“Till We Meet Again”

“Maybe – just  a maybe… because I can still remember seeing so many  men and women in uniform during the  1940’s  on the buses and street-cars – – downtown where all the bus  and train connections were made – near “UNION STATION” – day and night – everyone joining up to serve – -“GOOD-byes” were what you saw and remembered!”

There is something about a “Good-bye” with that “Till We Meet Again” – – that has always been with me – – as that question I wonder about – – “Will we meet again” – “WHEN and Where?” No one that I know of – – can be sure of the very next minute – – especially when so many were sent off  to fight during WWII – – and without all of  us helping each other – – it could be very difficult – – just to think that maybe…  all that will come back is a “Telegram” – – “Lost in ACTION” – – and when those came – – neighbors could hear the screams – – loud and clear!



“SO…when parting those you LOVE and GOOD COMPANY and never knowing  – – what is around the next corner of LIFE – – here is what we do as a FAMILY with FRIENDS – – and some may think  “us”  strange – – but, we have so much FUN with doing our own,  “Fire in the HOLE” – –  you may want to try this sometime – –   just to see if your FAMILY  enjoys  this “Good-bye or Fare-well”  with the same amount of FUN as well as we do?”

When your  “Family” gets  together  for a “Good Time”, at a restaurant,    or even a dinner at my home,   or   one of us  who  has just made a  “Special Dessert” and maybe  even  just  for a “Hang Out”  gathering  –   “What’s the Icing on the Cake  going to be  –  our extra special –   Goodbye?”

Now that I’m thinking about it  –  I know  everybody  has  seen a “Football Game”,  and watch both  teams  getting  ready   for the next    big play  – they get in  that “Huddle Position”!  This  is really  the   “Hugging an Touching Position”,  and  “Cheer Leading Jumping”  with some  “Rah Rah’s”,  a time to pass  strong  physical  energy  around to  each  other  –  to keep  each of us   highly energized  –   “Till  we  meet  again”!

So,  the   “Last is  the Best” –    that  would be  Me, as only  an old  “Granny” can  “Yell”  “Fire in the  Hole”!    That’s  my signature   “Yell”!     And I do  that  yell  a couple   of times!   **** Strangers   take   Note:      You’ll want  your  “Goodbyes”    to  stand up  and  mean something,   too!   So and until then,  we LOVE you and send our Blessings to last forever! ****    “Till we meet again!”

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