“Out with the OLD- In with the NEW OLDIE”

This is  the first time,  that I saw this “Old” PHOTO! The only thing that I know for sure is that, the “HAT” is mine and I do believe that I may still have it, in one of my “HAT” boxes!

“BLUE is my color – – the color for my  month, “September” and do try to buy things in the color “BLUE” since “Blue” is such a peaceful  and beautiful color!”

In this PHOTO, that is our brand new baby girl, Alyssa and this must be a day that we were going to Church, as I have a “HAT” on – – was  brought up that girls and women  were to wear a veil or a hat when going to Church.  We, that is my MOTHER and myself would always carry a clean and special handkerchief in our purse as  a necessary item – – just in the  case there was a new CHURCH that we would be stopping in – and would have something to cover our head, with!

You just had to have something on your head! I still have something ready and available,  for just that purpose. Come to think about it – never heard as to what would happen if you went into the Church without the head covered – -but if for no other reason – – to show respect for our “Creator” – – the one that we are there to give honor and praise – – and guessing that TODAY – – those feelings, that we should have – – have got up and went by the way  – – as  respect has also left as we are not taught to be respectful today.

Changes and more changes as we get another year older, seems that we just follow new ways of doing things – – and these new ways are hard to get used to doing – – since for an older person – – we are set in our ways of doing that which we were taught a hundred years ago. Those lessons we received from our parents in the home and those  lessons according to the Church that we  were taught in SCHOOL – sometimes mingled together in a way that has just stuck with me – – but not everyone that has had those same lessons, continue keeping them,  they just do not care about what is the TRUTH and RIGHT!

So, TODAY is my BIRTHDAY and as I tell everyone that has a BIRTHDAY – celebrate all week! “WHY” you might ask – and that is because in one day you cannot be with     everyone that you LOVE and enjoy being with – since    schedules and work and travel distance – – all of those things that we “MUST” do before just sitting back with family and friends and enjoying the memories of all of the good ole days – – “old man TIME” only allows “twenty-four” hours to a day for each of us.

Is it not “WONDERFUL”  that we have weekends as that “ACE in the HOLE CARD” that will make things work out so well – – we can manage our LIFE in such a way as to work and play  and even include a “BIRTHDAY PARTY” right there in the middle of everything else, that we had planned for  and on our schedule this week!

“Thanks be to the Almighty Yahweh – – for giving us our special FAMILY and FRIENDS – –  that with all the other exciting things that we do on EARTH – – we also receive TIME to CELEBRATE!”    D.V.


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