“Birthday Parties and GREAT-Grand Child”

“Nothing in the world makes for a better Birthday Party – – than to start off with a big  “HUG”  about the neck from your very first  “GREAT-Grand-Son,  little LEX,”  himself!”

 When you are,  the brand new  and  first  Great-Grand Son and also,  the first Grand-Son – – you are more important that any thing else going on – – even if  it is,  only a “Birthday Party for  the   Great-Grand-ma Ellen,” herself!   There is such a  policy that,  you may or may not have heard of, and that is,  when there is a very special  new member of the  royal FAMILY – – he out ranks – – even the “QUEEN BEE, herself”  – and everyone     wants their fair share of the “hugs and kisses of baby, Lex”  – – if and when he is available!

So, also sitting with  our new baby, LEX, himself  – showing all that he is quite content with all of the handy-dandy toys at hand – – and also in the arms of his “Grand-Mother, Jill, herself”  – –  with a big smile to have this wonderful addition to our FAMILY – – and with proud  and happy smiles for all of us  – – having fun showing off   our  “BABY, LEX”   – –  as just the best little baby boy – – that ever could be – – and we all just LOVE him!

“Thanks be to our ALMIGHTY Yahweh FOR ALL OF OUR WONDERFUL CHILDREN, GRAND-CHILDREN AND ESPECIALLY OUR  GREAT GRAND-CHILDREN – It  is this kind of LOVE for each other – – that keeps the world in a peaceful  state and greater unity  for a better LIFE for all!”   D.V.

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