“Give some SERIOUS thought – when VOTING”

Tomorrow,  Tuesday  the 6th of November, is Election Day and everyone that is wanting to be re-elected  for the “opt-teen” time – still promising all these good things that they will do – and  re-telling us of  all these wonderful things that they did – but  what – stands out in your mind that – – you can honestly say, “this person” did do and it really did make a great difference in the lives of our area or State  – or even for all of AMERICA!

If you watch “Television”  for information about  some of the different “Candidates”   – you will find that this is the best time  for “Mud Slinging”  twenty-four seven  – and also some “citizens” will even tell  the listeners,  some bare face lies as to how good this “candidate”  is,  and  all the wonders that were done by this person – and as they are talking – the words are  just pure lies. 

When you see and hear some of this “bunk” – the first thought that comes to mind is, “Who paid this “fool” to lie and be the poster person to bare false witness against his neighbor” as that is what  this person is doing – – as we all know what is going on and who is doing the paying for “lies” just to stay in office!

So, it seems to me, that –  I should put my “two cents” worth of  what I would do and wish that others in “OFFICE” would do –  if they were truly working,  for the greater good of all of AMERICA.

For starters;  there should be “TERM  Limitation” which would make all elected offices have a four year term. If a person wants to do something,  that they feel would really make a good difference for all of AMERICA – you have a  “PLAN”  worked out,   and others that also know that this is what is needed – well and good  – we want you to lead AMERICA with this. – –  But,  we do not need for  any person to take an “OFFICE”  and think that AMERICA wants  “YOU” in that “OFFICE”  for the rest of your LIFE!

America  needs and wants NEW  and innovated ideas as the whole world is changing daily  – and we need the newest of ideas and technology as it becomes available.

Working for the  “GOVERNMENT”  – – does not entitle a worker to receive  wages   and paid up  insurance  and other benefits for the rest of their LIFE. The AMERICANS that did vote for you to be in OFFICE – want you to do something worthwhile – while in OFFICE – and when your tour of DUTY is over – you will return to your previous employment – just as the “FOUNDING FATHERS” did . You are still able to continue doing the work that you did before you were ELECTED  to OFFICE  – and by your continuing in your previous work – you will be contributing to the growth of AMERICA – instead  adding to the burden that all AMERICANS  now find their selves to be in.

The American debt is too much – due to all of  the “free loaders” collecting  pay – for which they are not contributing and or never ever contributed  – that game has to be changed, NOW!

There is one more real change and that is because there is no cooperation between the parties, “Democrats and Republicans”  in that they have some  ‘one or two persons’ dominating the   their “PARTY”  – and to be a “MEMBER” of that “PARTY”  “YOU” must follow orders – or be  eliminated one way or the other~

So with out cooperation between the two “PARTIES”  – NOT  working for the greater good of all of AMERICA – the AMERICAN CITIZEN does  the  suffering   – while all of the “elected”  are still getting  “full wages”  for doing nothing to raise the levels of   “living”   for those citizens,  that took the time to put some uncooperative persons,  in Office – that are just too stiff-necked, to work for  all of  AMERICA!

There are more items that need to be addressed – but these are the “HOT” ones,  that need to be put in place immediately!

The above ideas and thoughts are mine,  and I have told so many,  that  –  these are  some of the things  that really do need  a  “CLEAN CHANGE”  immediately  –  before AMERICA is no longer the strong  ” UNITED STATES” that she once was!

“God Bless America – now and forever!”



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