“A DAY LATE and a dollar short”


     ***** “Do WE…LOOK READY?”******

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“STOP the ACTION – HOW can we make something  –   when Eleanor does not have her apron???”   “ON?”

“Do you think that we made anything – this day that we are –  all –  dressed in our best – and without a big squabble – we all decided on some special spot to stand – and look like we  –   were going to do something – exciting and important?”

Take a look at the photo  – the two tables are set for eight (8) to sit down and drink a glass of milk. Well – what about the other two in our class of ten girls – two (2) of   us  will get to stand  – or just be the  “servers”  – as we are all ‘used to serving’ – we have been doing that –  for years – so what is  – NEW?

After, this photo was taken – we did not have anything special to do – so a few of  us  did stay there in this kitchen  – that was in the basement part of the new  “GYM” –  and no sense to go back to the “HOME” part of the Orphanage – as there was nothing special for us  to be doing  –  now that we were done with the “PHOTO” set-up –  and as you can see some of the “PROPS” were still there –  to make this photo really look like we were actually learning to cook?

So, one of the girls poured some of that milk in a bowl and someone  else  cracked a couple of those nice eggs into the milk and started stirring. Well, without even  a half of an idea,  of what we could have made  – some sugar was added and then a little of the different spices –  and we  are asking   – “WHAT can we do with this?”

Well, there I am with a “COOK-BOOK” in hand  – “did I even think to really check out the cook-book  – what could we make, just for FUN – using the ingredients  – and if necessary  – send someone to the bakery for a few more things to actually make something?”

I only thought about this a couple of weeks ago,  (only some sixty years  – too  late) – when,  I was making some “FRENCH  TOAST” –  “All  that –  we needed then,  was some of the “HOME-MADE”  bread from the BAKERY –  and  then, we  could have had  something  really good to eat  – that is the few of us  girls   – that were  just hanging out?”

“This is what I call, “A Day Late and a dollar short” – if you get my drift?”

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