“Best Birthday People that I know of for this month”


December Birthdays

Would like to wish  Family and Friends a very Happy Birthday, in the month of December. Sometimes  you can not be with those who have a  Birthday  which would be  an occasion to “Celebrate,”   –  that is why I like to spread the word  –  any occasion worth while celebrating,  needs at least a whole week for  contacting “Love ones” and then plan a big CELEBRATION!

Today, everyone has  a work schedule  or an  assigned place  to be,  conflicting days and or hours,  with our own schedule and good connections on certain days and times, are not always available? We just  have to make changes in our schedules and   are always  trying to  make  just the right choice,  to which  we will  be making  some extra special time  just  to  show  – “Our Love,  for another!”

Happy Birthday: 5th Lee Aldrich,Jr  –  13th Tom Aldrich  –  16th Mary Jane Ludwig Greco  –   23rd Carolyn Jean Ludwig Caito  –  20th  Thomas Brady  –  20th Oliver Brady  – 24th William B. Riley  –   28th Phyllis Ferris!

I receive more Joy, just because  all of our Family and Friends  take the time to share  more “Love” in a way that helps all of us – together  doing our most to promote healthy living,   fulfilling   all of our  ‘Dreams’   – one for another –  that which  making  DREAMS  come true,  is all about!

The  “Love for Life”  knits us  so close together,  that we  can grow stronger in our  sharing  Love   and Happiness  – just being here and  there,  wherever  and when ever needed.   OUR Almighty Yahweh  gives to us all  an   abundant  amount of   Love  and Blessings and in our sharing – we will  always be receiving  more to share, to and     for us all – when we remember we are making LOVE MEMORIES – forever!  D.V.


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