“Your ANGEL is waiting for your CALL for HELP”

“Today is one of those DAYS’ – that you may need expert HELP –  So… do what I had to do!”


     “Icy Roads” require  “Angel”  Service!

Do you remember when you were in need of emergency help,  when  YOU  were  driving in freezing cold weather, and all roads were thick ice skating rinks?  Some years back, while I was at work – it started to rain – temperatures started to drop – roads took on a nice shinny glaze – icing up – too dangerous to be on –  for any reason at all!

Do you think this “BOSS” would let anyone go home early to avoid  – this worst of all storms?  “NO!” I think he was hoping that some of his employees would have accidents – he liked when bad things happened to people. You know there are some people in this world just like that! You can see it in their face,  when they hear,  of some catastrophe happening to someone  that they know!  They are just enjoying every word about what some poor soul must endure.

Anyway, the streets were frozen, and now it is 5:00 p.m. – and the few of us employees “slide”  out to our cars. It takes quite a bit of time to break up the ice,  from the wind shield – also, have  the motor running to warm up the inside,  and help with the melting of the ice. Also, those were the days, when I was still wearing dresses  and or skirts,  and some type of tops for work, just to look like a LADY!  That “freezing cold wind” was whistling “DIXIE” up my skirt – just making me colder than necessary!

Looks like,  I can now see out of the windows, so I start to move the car slowly. I’m keeping an eye on the other employees and what they are doing, to determine just exactly how safe,  will this trip be?   So, we all  have  to go –  to different directions and now,  I am by myself on Hwy. 141 and there just isn’t anyone else,  out  and or about. Going westerly – all lanes to myself – slower than slow – and would you believe the light is changing and I am going to have to stop – why? – Not a soul,  but crazy me – no one with any sense would be out on a night like this?

Sitting at the “STOP LIGHT” with my foot on the break – the car is very slowly sliding – the rear of the car is pulling me into  a slow do-not turn,  and toward the ditch   of which,  to me –  I look like I  just might end up in this ditch,  for the night?  “OH  Almighty Yahweh, send me some help – help to know what to do – looks like I’m going to freeze out here – no way,  for me to walk home from here – no traffic – no houses nearby – what can I do? Please help! I am almost in tears.

While I am  trying to figure this out,  the “light has turned green”  – and my eyes are ready to open the flood gates! All of  a sudden some man,  is knocking on the “driver” side window! I don’t know what to do – open my  window some –  then,  he ask me, “Do –  YOU –  know how to drive on ice?” “NO!”  – “Well get you r foot off the break,  and when you are on ice,  keep the car in “NEUTRAL” and,  when you are at the “STOP SIGNS” – so  that,  you  do NOT  slide all over!”  “Aim your car,  as I tell you – I am going to be behind you,  and, will  push you some,  so you can get on your way!”

I was still praying to myself, and doing  exactly – what I was told, the car window was still open some – so that  –  I could hear,  and do just exactly,  what I was being told,  to do,  to get out of this mess.  Started moving slowly back on to the highway –  NOW,  turned my head to holler out the window,  to say “THANK YOU”  – but,  no one was there? It must have been an  “ANGEL” – “Almighty  Yahweh” sends His  “Angels” –  if we pray often,  and all of the time!

This kind of weather requires a  “direct” connection  with the best “FRIEND” you have – if only you keep in direct touch – each and every day of your LIFE! You just can not call on your “BEST FRIEND”  – only when you have a problem –  HE LOVES hearing from you – all the time – to know that you are HIS – and,  that HE is yours!    D.V.


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