“Lucky Lee enjoys the DREAMS of LIFE”

I remember  just as if –  it where yesterday, we would go to watch “LEE”  play “Football” – every parent thinking that their son was the best and greatest,  at which  ever position he would be playing, but, when everyone would start standing up and screaming for “LEE” – as we could hear over the loud speaker, “ALDRICH running with the ball” – and all the jumping up and down – I was just so proud that “LEE was my SON” – and he was so fast at running with the ball – OUR TEAM would always WIN! 

“Hip – HIP – Hooray  for Lee and good ole number 34!”

These are just a few,  of the RIBBONS,  that I  had already posted –  but, some time,  I would like to find and collect all of the different ribbons that LEE has – from the very earliest young days of his LIFE.

When I was a little girl, I remember my  DAD saying that he would get me a “PONY” – and I am still waiting – so I guess, that NOW,  I can stop wishing for that PONY – since I   also received that same request from my son, LEE – and fortunately, I was able to get one for him!

Looks like it was also snowing in that DECEMBER  for Lee’s BIRTHDAY – just as it is doing TODAY, snowing – but we are not buying a PONY, today.  As cold as it was, LEE got outside and enjoyed his “BIRTHDAY ” present – and I sure am glad, that I was able to take a few PHOTOS.

Later on, we moved from here,  to another area – where you could have HORSES!

So, from EARTH to the great big blue yonder – we do like to FLY!

 And so,  here we are, little “brother, Al”  is taking this PHOTO  of “BIRTHDAY BOY, LEE” – and  then – off to see the “STARS”  – and whether they will be out tonight? Nothing like flying when you can see the “CITY” all  aglow with the CHRISTMAS”  lights on – making for so much more FUN and enjoyment  – for brothers that enjoy doing things together!

“Come FLY with ME” – we will have so much FUN –  to see all the CITY and surrounding areas – trying to out do  their their selves – with more  beautiful lites  – than at any other times of the year!

May the Almighty bless all those –  that are celebrating their Birthdays this month  – with all the SNOW and excitement of the CHRISTMAS Lights – only wish more happy people could enjoy with us!   D.V.

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