“Read All About it – BIG Birthday GREETINGS”

“To – two extra special people,  born on January 9th,  just looks like the  “9th”  was a very   “terrific day”   for us,  to  first receive “Al” and then  – so many years latter, our sweet baby “GRAND-DAUGHTER, “Alyssa”  – which makes for having more LOVE to share with all of the FAMILY – when the “ninth of January”  comes around  each year – just as regular – as good clock work!

… and just my wonderful son…

…and just for my most wonderful  Grand-daughter,  Alyssa….

“May the Almighty Yahweh continue to bless these two wonderful people,  with all of the extra special BLESSINGS – that,  they will need to do Your work – for You  – here on EARTH!”

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