“From, Daddy’s little GIRL”

 This is a terrific song,   for a “Daddy’s Girl” to hear – and to remember way back into  the 1940’s  – what it was like to be as a little GIRL! –   “That is Daddy’s Little Girl!”

. and just  a memory – Daddy and me – at eight months of   age …another…  of Daddy and me…

ant this  at may be two years of age – taken with DADDY in the back yard of  my Aunt Irene Brady Riley in North Saint Louis.

Nothing like the good old days,  to remember all of the good times    we had as a FAMILY –  no matter where we were  – only wish that,  they could have lasted longer – and maybe  even forever!  D.V.

“Happy Birthday DADDY – from your little GIRL, ME!” “Me Ellen”

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