“Long Live the Thomas F. Brady – Families”

 Certainly  glad that my Mother, Marie Brady saved PHOTOS of her Mother and Father, Thomas F. Brady and his wife, Anne E. Smart Brady,  so that one day – I might be able to continue to share,   the LOVE she had for her parents – and for that LOVE of  Parents and FAMILY to be passed on down to the next generation, because  of  the  close ties,  that you have with your family, are  also the same many wonderful  memories,  that we will be remembering…  for all eternity.

and… on the left is Anne and on the right is TOM, himself. Tom came over by boat from Ireland and after being here in America for five years,  became a naturalized citizen – still have a copy of his papers.       

and…. in the above PHOTO  are five (5) Brady Boys  with friends at  4319 North Broadway, Saint Louis, Missouri.    

Tom Brady could be a relative, but more that  – is the fact that he is the best  football player – my sons and family think he is great and were wondering about  him,  and his name – whether or not,   I knew some stories of our  “Brady” ancestors,  if  and where,  they all are?

It is terrific  to see and watch a young man  excel,  in a rough and tough game,  such as “Football” – and so,  I believe that – each of us,  can do a terrific job at what ever we choose to do – because,  our Creator has given to each of  us  – extra special talents – and if,   we use them correctly –  we are then doing – that which we were put here on Earth, to do!    D.V.

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