“Everyone gets THEIR Fifteen-Minute of FAME or Notoriety”


          “WOW” – We LOOK GOOD!

“On a very –  just let  me  say –  a   “VERY” good  day – I just  may –   may be – look  –  like –   that  which –  I  NOW  see in the mirror!”

“You can only say  –  this – if you are that –  “MRS. ALDRICH” –  and guess     what? ”       “I  am – MRS. ALDRICH!”


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“Just look at  “me”   – NOW!”          “WOW WOW”   and  a “WOW – eee”


“Just thought, that an older PHOTO,  taken while at  WORK   one day,  and  with  a couple of the other women  in the near-by offices,   we were all paid, just as if  we were working at our assigned desks,  but now,  being paid to stand in a “Line Up” –  as there was one person that needed to be identified  for some criminal action –  so am only able to show this,  as I always felt that this PHOTO,  did turn out out pretty well, of “ME”   and sure was glad  that –  that I was not,  mistakenly identified,   as a criminal and taken off  to jail!”



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