“Look – An old PHOTO from Way Back and When”

Some days,  you just do not know, what you will find – and in this PHOTO,   is  just such a situation,  perplexing me, since it is  coming  from  the “way back and when” –  requiring some  real brain work – just trying to  do a recall  –  of all –  that was going on,  on this day, in the  past life of  an  “older Grandma!”

 This is No 1, Grandson, Alan sitting at our  Lowrey Theatre Console  Organ, with a Leslie speaker and he is getting  big smiles  – as he is all ready to start to play something special for all of us in the family  room – as music was  first and foremost on the list of what we all like and  did do – especially – when we  would all get together.

Just looking at those “Crochet Dressed Dolls” – in the upper background,  – I can remember who would make those dolls for me  – as they were some of the best gifts to give to someone – friends and family,  – those that you liked,  and knew that they would like this type of a gift, too! I am just  surprised,  that I did not think to keep some for myself – they sure do look good!

Looks like this PHOTO will stir up some dust in the old brain department – for several days – just trying to remember,  what the occasion was – maybe  something special – that I should not have forgotten – and or at least  – put a real good old memory back,  into  its rightful place – my  “memory”  box!  D.V.

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