“Celebrating MY First BIRTHDAY with GREAT-GRANDMA”

“Having a “FIRST” of some special occasion – is  a “RED LETTER DAY” on the Calendar – especially –  when  it comes to celebrating my  very  “FIRST BIRTHDAY”  with my “Great Grandma, herself”

– as my “MOM” always called her the “FUN GRANDMA”

– and,  I know – that my “MOM”  knows what she  is

talking about – when it comes to passing on a good word or two – about someone and or something, important!”       D.V.

Mary Ellen Aldrich “Grandma – I’m inviting you to come over and play with me – in my very own, in-door  TENT – and with all of my friendly stuffed animals” xoxo

Mary Ellen Aldrich “Come and see all of my  extra special things that are being  kept in my drawers – let’s start with the top drawer first – as,  I have a surprise in there,  just for you” xoxo

Mary Ellen Aldrich “Sit down and enjoy a book – just like,  I like to do – see – I am starting at the very beginning of  my  book – and, hope you will stay and read more books – with me” xoxo

Mary Ellen Aldrich “I’m ready to have  “FUN and PLAY” with you – but, as you can see – I do have to finish getting dressed for the day – so sit – on –  down – and watch – all of the things – that I can do” xoxo

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