“Exercise -Plus More Exercise- GOOD For YOU”

“What in the world are you doing – if, I may ask – when you take a moment to stop – for a fresh breath of AIR?”


     “I’m WORKING OUT – just like YOU!”


“Do you think that I’m   WORKING OUT – just like YOU…MOM?”       I am learning to keep track of the number of times –  that I’m going up and down  – and the best part of this exercising,  is the special music,  that you have playing…just for me…too!img115

It sure is good,  that –  I am as strong…  as  I think, that I am, or will, some day  –  and I do know that, that will   soon be,  because there  are,   only so many of these ups and downs,  that  a some what  little  ole  me  or a just   like  little  me,  will or can really  try do!

This is our –  little,  “Alyssa”  at  21 months  of age.

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