So here I go – thinking way, way back into the “1940’s” and,   in this PHOTO of me – you,  see me holding a doll.


That was the one thing, that I really enjoyed,   was to have a “Doll” that will looked terrific, and when,  you and everyone that  will see  it – would just LOVE to have it for themselves!”

Lucky for me – that, my MOM also  would like  “Dolls” – and that,  they were very  well made and crafted – “Dolls” that  would end up as “Keepsakes forever” – always to be with you,  and would last forever – as each “Doll”  would have special status  – a memory maker  –  all of her own  – just something that she had – that no other “Doll” would have – or even be – as one of my “Dolls”  was the famous “Snow White” doll which was on the market – when the movie, “Snow White” came out in 1937 – making it a collectible doll!


“to be continued”


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