“Getting My First Book – My-self”

“My very first  – Library Card”

Someone asked me about my library card? – –  “Did I have one to use in SAINT LOUIS?”

It is amazing how an almost “70 year library card” – –  can find a safe place to hide all these years and still look good.  SO… this is the  real story  of “HOW and WHEN”  – – so long ago –   I was able to get my very own  – – LIBRARY CARD – – and all by myself!

In the early 1940’s,  we moved into the North St.Louis area, and I was sent to the bakery for cinnamon rolls. I’m six years old and on  the corner of Carter & Warne Ave., is  parked a  “mobile library trailer”, not ever seen by me…  before. I could not just pass by, since they had “two  doors” opened. “Nosy– me”… pokes my  head in and someone said, “come on in?” “I don’t know if I can ??  “What are you here,  for?”.  Someone said, “You can have a book  to READ… if you have a library card!”  – – I had to first check this “information” out – – see if  IT… would be “OKAY” with “MOM” – – and just  said… “I’ll come back.”

I had to run as fast as I could…  to the “Bakery” – –   as I had just wasted “TIME” – – making this stop – – and  back home, and then with an “OKAY” – –  back to the “mobile library.”  When I got there, they helped me fill out the library card and pointed me to the  area that would interest me. I picked out a book that had a picture covering the whole front cover. Across the top was the name of the book, “Madeline.”  I could hardly wait till I was back home, to show my “MOM” – – this was really FUN for me – – as a kid – – I was always on the look-out for new and different stuff.

 My Mother read the book…  to me and my brothers  – – as we sat in the living room – – on the sofa – – as we did almost every day.  Back then… WWII was going on  – – my DAD was working on NAVY SHIPS in Vallejo,  California  and we loved hearing the stories that Mom would read from the BIBLE and other books that we had. MOM  was happy with my selection – – she read it several times to us – – as I could only have  it for a short time and have to return it back – – according to the date stamped on the card – – that gave me permission to borrow it.

“MOM”   also helped me  to read it.  The story of  little “Madeline”  just seemed as if…  to be about  “ME” – – and this was one story book that I always  had the best of memories for and about – – and when I had my own little family that was one…  of the books I bought for my children and myself and  then too, for my Grand-Children.

P.S. – – I do recommend – – if you have a chance – – get this book and read to your children – – see if they will remember it as I do? …  “For ever” 


“The Library on Wheels – a great place to go for making memories – forever and ever more!”NATIONAL BOOKMOBILE DAY – Wednesday of National Library Week


National Bookmobile Day is an annual event observed each April.  On this day, we honor the access to information and resources our nation’s bookmobiles make available to our communities and the professionals who work diligently to provide these services. For more than 100 years bookmobiles have brought a library to those that otherwise may not have access to one.

Bookmobiles are mobile libraries designed to travel from neighborhood to neighborhood.  They hold a variety of books, periodicals and usually run on a schedule.  Many have computer access and check out books much like a local library. Books can be returned on the next scheduled stop or at the associated library.


Use #NationalBookmobileDay to post on social media.


National Bookmobile Day is coordinated by the American Library Association, the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Service and the Association of Rural and Small Libraries. For more information, you may visit the American Library Association website.

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