“The REST of the STORY”


(DENNY –  (TOM) –  (ME)  and  (DENNY – (ME) – (TOM)


      Since  Tom is the  ‘baby  senior citizen’  in our FAMILY  – if you  take a look   back  –  in TIME   – you will find pictures of the  “golden oldie trio” – at their finest hour  – by the edge  of  “Fairground Park Lake,  in North Saint Louis.”

The above Photos may have been taken in 1943 or 1944 and we lived  near and able to walk to the “Fairgrounds Park” every day,  if we wanted,  or even walk  going  in the opposite direction,  to the “O’Fallon Park” – as that is what,  we would do during the WWII  days.

We had the great outdoors to discover and  in walking every where – we did develop our legs and did receive     plenty of the “SUNSHINE  vitamin”  – just being in the great out doors. I guess you could  call us the  “Three MAC-eteers”  as,  we were always together and I was suppose to be watching my brothers, so that nothing would happen to them – in our wondering around.

Just talking to my brother, “Tommy”  the other day – just happened to be talking about this photo of us in the PARK – and I could never before, figure out why  “TOMMY”    was not dressed as “DENNY”  and I were for a PHOTO? In our conversation “TOMMY”  reminded me,  that he did  like to see a little   further,  than he should – in some situations.

Take a look at the “BRIDGE” in the PHOTO on the left side – well,  “TOMMY” was telling me, that he could not see the water below, while standing on the bridge – so he crawled up on  to the  “Stone Rail”  just to see below – and,  as he was up there,  then  looking down –  just went a little too far  out – and just fell over, and down into the LAKE, he landed!

In the falling, Tommy did lose a  shoe and sock and was  just so “LUCKY” that,  there was not that much water, as he  was not a swimmer, yet – but,  evidently there were people around to see and hear screams for “HELP” – and so  – his shirt and extra clothing that was all wet –  came off – and the good old “Sunshine” kind of dried him off – enough for this PHOTO – so that, for the rest of his LIFE  – maybe he would be more careful – when trying to see  – all that is not always fully available for him to see – at all times.

Isn’t it  “wonderful”  – to know the  “rest of the story,” after all of these years. – With such good LUCK in LIFE as a youngster,   one, that always wanted to see  “way” beyond ,  was  now, able to survive – so that when he was old enough – would you believe,  “TOM” did sign up to be a “Paratrooper” – You know, those people, that like to fall out of a perfectly,  good flying Machine –  so that now, we all call him, “Mr. Wonderful –  as he always lands fair and square on  his own two feet!     D.V.


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