“Today requires a little more READING”


“Catch-up” Work!

Today  –  I’ve decided to do my “Catch-UP” work! When,  You start something important  and you spend a few days in the hospital,  you just have to,  get back into your old routine of living,  and that includes your daily reading.

In the past,  I told you that one of the best daily books I order each year is the  “Daily Guideposts”  and that  I  have to order   the  large print edition,   makes it a little easier on the eyes!  Each of the “writers’s pictures ”   are   in color and  on the back cover, and each has a short bio  in the back section of the book.  Some of these writers  – now – seem to be my personal family,  just the way they write and some of the inspirational material that  they are talking about. Sometimes the daily message is just like  a  letter  from home, that  you  are  so happy to receive. If you know of a “Shut-in type friend or relative” this would be the  perfect gift  and I know that they would really enjoy  reading and, then will be sending to you,  a very special    “Thank You ”    just for caring enough,  to send to them  the very best!

So, on  the days that I was in the hospital  –  I did read  the daily reading  –  but each reading starts with a verse from the  “Bible”  and each reading  ends with extra verses from the  “Bible”  these are called  in this  year’s  edition  “Digging Deeper” verses!     So how can I say  that I am reading a book,  if I do not follow through with the  “digging deeper  verses”    –  by looking them up in the “Bible?”

Like I said, I get real excitement with my digging deeper into the “Bible”  – simply amazed with the wonderful  and inspired words written from  hundreds of years ago, and   so very much needed   for us,   today!

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