“National Babysitter’s Day”


NATIONAL BABYSITTER’S DAY – Saturday before Mother’s Day


National Babysitter’s Day is a special day celebrated the Saturday before Mother’s Day.  On this day, we give babysitters across the nation appreciation and special recognition for their quality child care.

Babysitting isn’t what it used to be. In certain parts of the country, babysitters earn a good chunk of the mighty dollar. Their skills factor into their hourly rates, too. Depending on the area of the country, sitters can demand anywhere from $12 to $20 an hour.

Money aside, they do provide fun and safe care so parents can have some time for some rest, a dinner and maybe a movie.


Take advantage of the opportunity to show your appreciation for your babysitter.  Send them a special thank you gift of flowers, candy or a handmade thank you card from your little munchkins!  Share your appreciation on Social Media using #NationalBabysittersDay.


Our research team was unable to find the creator of National Babysitter’s Day.

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This was in the 1940’s and  and that is “Sister M. Zita” a Christian Charity NUN at the German Saint Vincent Orphanage and while there – I worked for “Sister M. Zita”  two different times.

We all had jobs to do each day, before and after school, and these assignments lasted for a six month period –  these children were from two years of age to four years old – then into the Kindergarten room, and when ready for First Grade  – they were with all of the children and in one of the  Dormitories  on the third floor.

Rules and regulations  for each group and a NUN for each group – everyone working and doing their part in learning how to do something – that would  be a good and new  lesson  of learning  forever,  to be very  useful,  for all of  the rest of your life.

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