“Happy Mother’s Day – Generation to Generation”


“From one generation to the next….”



To the next… and to the next and then the next – forever our GOOD GIFTS from our CREATOR!

  “ME and my MOTHER and  expecting another baby!”

Mary Ellen Aldrich “I gave you my honest opinion – what more can I say” xoxo

“Now for the most important thing,  for us to do – is to ask the Almighty Yahweh to Bless our work – in this garden, that with daily care and Your Blessings – we may receive some very good  food – that, only You can provide! ”   D.V.

Mary Ellen Aldrich “This will be just fine – I tasted the soil – and in my opinion – the lettuce will do just fine, here – signed, LEX, official taste tester” xoxo

“Have a HAPPY and Blessed day with your children today and always – with the Blessings of he Almighty Yahweh – our FATHER in HEAVEN  and the Giver of our best gifts, our children!”    “Thank You!”       D.V.

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