“Today and ALL WEEK- Celebrate with JAIME”

“Lucky Jaime!”- “Celebrating all week!”img181

This Photo of “Jaime” – looks just like an “artist” put all of “Jaime’s” favorite colors together  – on a canvass – like none other – mixing all of  the right paints   with an extra little  dash of  some dark and lite shades of pink for the dress – some golden  shades of paints to make  a perfect  “throne”  – just the right size for a very special  “Princess” – and all of the best shades of blue –  with some  little dashes of white puffs,  just to look like some special  puff smiling clouds,   that like floating on bye, up  in and then hide in the  sky , up so  very high…

Just let me be – the first of many to start wishing “Jaime” the best of all BIRTHDAYS – starting TODAY and to be celebrated all week long!    D.V.

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