“More Birthday Greetings”

“My baby Sister, Jaime’s BIRTHDAY – coming”

“This is ‘Big Sister, Alyssa’ and I am announcing that … my baby Sister, JAIME – – will be one year older – – since she will have another BIRTHDAY – – coming up this week!”  “You… all come  – – and plan on having a whole lot of FUN!”

“Grandma” took this PHOTO to work and  – – just could not believe the comments – – all good – – but the number one comment was… “Never saw a ‘six-month” old baby with so much hair!”  I had to answer… “From  her ‘Great-Grand-Mother Marie’ – – the one and only person who also had this dark shade of brown hair and lots of it!”

“I just love this PHOTO… “Big Sister Alyssa” has her arms out to swing her little sister as needed – – ‘Alyssa’ is paying attention to Mama  and what she is telling her little ‘HELPER’ to do – –  and ‘Alyssa’ is  ready to swing  little “Baby Jaime” only as fast as is safe for a nice ride and to help “Jaime”  fall to sleep for her afternoon nap.  Little “ALYSSA” just has that highly attentive posture and alertness – – for and if anything should seem to be going wrong – – to be able to correct and or have HELP — in a hurry.

So… if you did not receive your “INVITATION” – – check your “e-mail”  – – as everyone… today has some kind of  “electronic’ social’   communication – – this world does not know what stamps and envelopes are for – – takes too much TIME – – or it is just plain ole “lost in the mail” —  so just open your  little ‘hand-held’  – ‘gizmo’  – – take a ‘look-see’ – – and start making plans for the big day this week – – we want you to help us – – celebrate “JAIME’s BIRTHDAY” – – and or like we used to say – – “be there… or be square!”    D.V.

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  • Jaime says:

    Awww my big sissy looking after me! 😊

    • Mary Ellen says:

      “I just LOVE that Look on big sister, Alyssa’s face, looks like she is saying this is my baby sister Jaime, and no one will come near to harm her – as she is extra special to me!” xoxo

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