“First Grade Student Writes First Book”


“First Published book by Jaime Aldrich”

This is the cover of the book written and illustrated with her very own drawings – the title is “Changes Around Us” – and the author is “Miss Jaime Aldrich” –  my Grand-Daughter.



Since … little  “Miss Jaime’s book”  is about the  changing  “SEASONS”  just thought,   that I would included  a page from her book and this page  talks about  a  “TIME” of the year that we are  hoping will be soon, “FALL”  since, TODAY it is so hot – going up to 99 degrees and  the one thing  that we can all agree on – is that what ever the weather is TODAY – we always wish that it was something different and much better.img189This is one of the best “projects”  –  that the SCHOOL System  can offer for the very young children, something so  CREATIVE using the natural talents that a young child has  in some ways  of expressing their use of language, writing and story telling, in a natural and imaginative way for their  very young age, and for those who like to draw and color or  even paint,  all qualities to spark a development, into  something that they may want to explore further with  more training,  to  maybe even working  their natural  talents into a LIFE-TIME  career,  at least,   this is  a start of something  promising, for them to be proud of,  for all the days of their LIFE!

The page  in the book,  on the  opposite of  the writing,  that is above,   is one of  her  very own drawings  – just  to show us what the “FALL TIME” looks like,  and what we might be  doing, at that  time of the year.

I am Lucky and grateful to have received this prize book, and will keep it forever – as this shows that with early inspiration in a young child’s LIFE – they are able to show us some of the wonderful talents that our Almighty Creator gave them – and that they have more – if only we will give the children the opportunity to creature small wonders like this book – that I will treasure forever.    D.V.

 “ONE day closer to your big BIRTHDAY Party,   and I am wishing  just  for you, one more extra special WISH of LOVE and HAPPINESS  to be added to all of those BLESSINGS – that our Almighty will be sending to YOU!”

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