“Happy Birthday to Jaime – TODAY”

“Jaime’s Birthday Party”


Every  “DAY”   is the  “BEST DAY of the YEAR”   when   you can celebrate the “BIRTHDAY of  the  ONE you LOVE”   the  most  a terrific  and wonderful  “BIRTHDAY  GIRL”   herself    “OUR  JAIME”





Happy Birthday   to Jaime   …..  and that is   Alan   along  side…


Jaime's BD Party

Jaime’s    Party  and  here we are  and we are  all ready! “Ready for FUN and  GAMES!”

      “Terrific Photo of Alyssa in the middle of Al and ME!”

And,  just one more PHOTO – for Show and Tell as the PARTY will be one to last all week – only because,  it takes time to see and visit with all of the FAMILY  and Friends – that just enjoy the FUN time of celebrating with the PARTY GIRL, herself!IMG_0511

                              The “GIRLS”   are ready to  “PARTY”

Left to Right is Alyssa and  Grandma, herself and  “JAIME, the   BIRTHDAY  GIRL”  and  all,   are ready for the show to begin!  Every body is invited – you’ll come on and help “JAIME”  celebrate this week!”    D.V.

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