We All gave JAIME a BIG Surprise PARTY”


“Our New Baby – Jaime!”  “Is a BIG GIRL TODAY”

On May 18th – our little “baby, Jaime” was born – and this  is one of the very first full “FAMILY”  Photos taken at the AIRPORT!     I’m,   the “Grandma” Ellen holding  “big sister, Alyssa”   and in front of me,   and in his “CUB Scout” outfit is “BIG BROTHER, Alan” –  left of me and in the center  is “Jill, new Mama”  – and next to  “Jill” is   “Daddy, Al” and holding our brand new  “baby, JAIME” – and  this is one of those Fun Days when DADDY and MOMMY will be taking off in  their plane, and guess what???   I will be baby sitting all three of the best of best GRAND-Children!  “And will we be having “FUN” like never before!” “They do not call  “ME” the “Fun Grandma” for nothing!” – “Just you watch and see – all the FUN things that we will be doing!”

The best part of “FLYING”  is to have your own plane and “FLY” just as soon as the new day starts! Everyone knows that good little  old “saying”  – “Early to BED – early  to “RISE”  in the morning –  makes for  more  “FAMILY  Fun Flying”  together and as often as possible!”

“I’m a big girl NOW!”   ***     “Alyssa… Grandma…Jaime”

There is nothing like growing up and being a big girl –  and having a chance to go to a “Charity” function  –  for the children at St.  Vincent’s  called,  “KOOKIN’ FOR KIDS” –   one of their events held in the SUMMER month, of August –  and for us to all  go –  it was one of the best times we had –  all dressed in our “SUNDAY”  best –  “Grandma” even wore a hat!

The best memory of this PHOTO is when “GRANDMA” received it, and taking a look, said,  “This reminds me of the days in the   “Roaring Twenties  Days”  as  we sure are dressed to start dancing the “Charleston”  one of those ‘dances’ that  “Great Grandma” taught  to her “BOSS”  when she worked for “Shell OIL Co.”  as she sure could dance up a storm,  back then in those good ole days!

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY  JAIME”   and celebrate all week  long  as  it takes that long for you to  visit with all of the FAMILY and FRIENDS,  and  really enjoy,  as I am praying that you will be enjoying many more “HAPPY BIRTHDAYS”  in this LIFE time, as   our Creator wants  and helps us to do, each and every day of our LIFE!     D.V.

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