“Memorial Day Memories from Son, Lee”

A Veteran Speaks…

My son’s thoughts, as he was listening to  Taps,  on  the  radio, this Memorial Day.  Lee,  remembers  as a young Boy Scout, and  in  his SCOUT uniform, he and his Troop went to Jefferson Barracks – St.Louis, MO., to put American Flags, on the grave  of each Fallen Solider.

The above being done, and not knowing  then, what the future would hold,  that in just a very  few short years, that  he would be wearing a Navy Uniform,  aboard the, CV61 USS Ranger – The Flag Ship of the Admiral of the 7th Fleet.

Lee said,  “Brings me to earlier this week, getting out  our  “American Flag”  to run up the pole for this “Memorial Day”  because,  I know I am a Proud American, and I Love My Country.”     D.V. 

“Just hope that some of this – sticks with you…Partner?”

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