“A Special DAY – Never to be Forgotten”


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When you take the time to look at old PHOTOS – and you start to remember,  back to those good old days – “How does the mind know,  that this will be a treasured memory – to last forever!”

One point to bring to mind – that each and every day is a special gift, one that we receive from our CREATOR, himself! Having said that, we seem to forget that – on this special day – that we only get this one day – to do something  – that when done – “TIME has taken  it and stored  that memory away – and if we are LUCKY – there could come another day to remember it – and give some second thoughts – but what, will we really remember?

That is why  – when each day is fresh, and we are into our doing something – we should put our all,  into doing it – to the best degree of doing – so that- when done – we can forever look back – and say, we did do what our “CREATOR”  made for us to do – and we really did,  our very best – with HIS help.



HAVE MORE FUN TODAY – – THAN EVER BEFORE…. ********* — with Alyssa LeverenzAl Aldrich and Gary Orf.


  • Jill E. Rempala Happy, Happy birthday Lys and Al Aldrich <3
  • Jaime Cardwell Happy Birthday Dad!!! I love this picture! 🙂
  • Gary Orf Sure is a nice plane there in the background! Lol


    Gary Orf replied

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  • Mary Ellen Aldrich That PLANE sitting there – – at that time – – makes this PHOTO – – authentic – – if I say so… myself ********* – – Thanks for the conformation *********
    Jill E. Rempala That is Gary responding- that was his plane, remember

“MORE thoughts –  just add on here – – THANKS  xoxo”


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