“67 Years ago – Today – What Can I Say”

“June 8th, 1952 Graduates”

These PHOTOS were taken just before leaving German St. Vincent Orphanage,  “our class” in my book,  was the best, and the world was going to be terrific, when we left here,  to make it big,  as one would say,  and NOW,  I wonder, did we do what we all thought, that  we were going to accomplish?

The “Eighth Grade Girls”  are under the  “American Flag” and now, if anyone can remember where you were standing,  let me know, as  I do  have an idea of where I am  but,   after 67 years,  who would remember where and or what they were doing?

The “seventh grade girls”  are in the area up front  and without a list of the names of these girls,  I just could not say for sure, even  though a few names do come to mind,  but, YOU,  let me know if one of these are YOU!

This is our “Cooking Class”  PHOTO,  and I do not know that we ever,  really had,  what you would call a real “COOKING” lesson,  as we  never ever made any  “dish of something”  to prepare on our own,  then or for  later, after leaving  St. Vincent’s. 

 At different times, some of us worked in the “KITCHEN and or the BAKERY”  and there,  we did get a real hands on  of   “work” to do,  but the recipes used, only the “NUN” in charge told you,  “What and How”  much of something went into the batch , and how to stir and or watch the mixer working, as you  would add something.  I would have liked a recipe  or two, but  these fed an “ARMY” not  really suitable for a small FAMILY,  for when I would get to go  HOME.  This,  I can tell you, that working in the “BAKERY” was  “FUN”  work for me. “Sister Augustella”  was a top notch “NUN”  – the one “NUN” –    that always gave us nice treats to eat, with a cup of coffee.

On,  JUNE 8th, 1952,  this PHOTO of me was taken,  and as soon as my MOTHER would be ready to call a cab,  to collect all of my “earthly” possessions,  we would be leaving here for good!

In the back ground is standing a classmate,  “Gail Porter”  and lately she said, “this is not her”  that,  it is “Elma Rutherford” a classmate, one of the girls that would be leaving to join the “Sisters of Christian Charity”  order of  NUNS in Wilmette, Illinois. But, I have never seen “Elma” stand so nice,  nor ever dressed as, in this PHOTO,  never used jewelry, and this dress is one that none of the girls had available,  as far as I can remember.  So,  If someone with better eye-sight, can see something, that I do not see, let me know?

In the “Kitchen” photo  above,    “Elma and Gail”  are standing close together on the left.  Maybe,  some  one can see a match and or able to  correct me, as  wearing glasses today, my eyes are not, what they used to be!

To all  my  “classmates and friends”  that are still living,   “May the Almighty Yahweh bless “YOU” with many  more Blessings and LOVE,  than ever before!”       D.V.

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