“Some old PHOTOS have a LOOK of Their OWN”

      “Nighty-Nite Sweet Dreams”

Every “DAY’,  just has to come to an ending  and,  so  do I,  and in what other way,  back in the 1940’s and 1950’s, than to turn on that radio,  for  just one more of my favorite radio programs.

There was, “The Shadow”   one program, that when it was on,  you would almost feel like   you were  right there,  helping to do your part,  in  sending information “mentally” to the  “actors on the radio” telling them, where to go  and what to do,  just as if you were directing this  “show”  with  your very own magic wand.

There is the “radio” and there I am, in my very own , little special  corner “nook”  to do my studies , homework and  thinking about  my being,   all ready to just dash into bed,  just as soon as I have solved the latest situation  developing on one of my favorite  programs all depending on how  really tired I am, and what I have to be ready for in the morning?

If there is no “SCHOOL” or no “WORK”   that I have to be ready for, no call for  “brains” with  which  a bright  eye or two would be needed, I could,   just be  raring to go with some super  energy, as  there would be the possibility  that, “tonight”  I just might,  force myself to  listen to another of my favorite stories.

“Do you remember “Gang Busters” with lots of bells and whistles with  “crooks”  coming and going, everything going fast and furious?”

“How about  this one,  an  “Inner Sanctum Mystery”  starting out with some “squeaky”  music   like a door that “squeaks”  so bad,  needs some oil and grease and in a hurry?”  The opening up  of this program, well,  it just puts you in the mood to be scared,  that is if,  they are doing a real good job,  “You just  could be a little  on the “scared”  side?”

So,  just in case,  I put you into the listening mood of your radio, ‘tonight’   I do not know,   if you can still find  any  of these old radio  stories  any where,  but,  if you are really wanting to see if you could feel like I did as a “KID”  way back then,  try checking out on your computer and see,  if they still have some ‘golden classics’  from those old timer  years,  that I  can still remember?

“Here’s to you and to you  other  “youngsters”  that,  do not  remember those  good old days, that we enjoyed,  a wonderful world without a “television”  and  that the “RADIO” was the best thing,  next to sliced bread!”


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“Good Night and SWEET DREAMS,   from MICKEY herself”   XOXOXOXOXO  …   D.V. 

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