“Just as the World Turns – Remember My Story”

Here is an old PHOTO of me and Daddy – just something, about it caught my eye – I am guessing we  are  over at Aunt Irene’s and  if I had to guess –  maybe brother, Denny, Jr., is  getting ready for his entrance into this game of LIFE!

ME & Daddy 001

When it was time for me to be placed,  somewhere – while MOM went to the hospital, I received some toy – see that “DOLL” and or a bag of candy. There was always some kind of a sneaky way to try to distract me – that,   as to where,  I would be staying – I would have my hands and arms full of good things – that I did not want to loose track of – and then- before I knew it – there I was- with my stuff and somewhere that,  I did not want to be? I was not in my own HOME, anymore?

That is the name of the game. When you are the first born, and others will soon be on their  way – the big question was, “Where to put the first child” for a week or two?

Back then when the Mother was taken to  the Hospital for delivery – she would be there for maybe three weeks or even more. You had to learn how to take care of the newborn – and learn how to do so many things,  while in the Hospital , and at the same time you and your body had to be taken care of – and do not forget the newborn, BABY!

Today, that is all changed, because the cost to be in the Hospital is outrageous – no one can afford to be pampered for a week or two – to get that  old body back into the swing of things.  It does  take some time,  to get that wonderful old, but good looking body back into that sweet looking shape,  that it did have,  and then you may as well plan on being  very busy – and maybe even  a little  extra busy – if you already have another small child, waiting   at home.

Sometimes in LIFE we just have to remember that,  time is going so fast – that in just another year or two – all of this fuss and mess will be gone and forgotten – and we will wonder – how in the world did we accomplish so much – in such a short time?

Just remember – It may have been one  heck of a time – but  all of that  time went by so fast – everything worked out for the best – after all  that was said and done!  “OH”  If we have it all –  to do all over again – we would do it, just exactly in “all”  the same ol’ way again!       D.V.

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