“Help by Using Your Cell Phones Today”

Pray for “First-Responders”

A couple of days ago,  when I started to pray for all those on my Prayer List,  it  just came to me,  that I should now start including  “First Responders!”

I had been talking with someone about  the fact, that  almost everybody is so important today,  that they have to have, a  “Cell Phone?”  Our talk started to cover the days when I was the age of my  Grand-children,  and their use of  cell phones? It is amazing that I was able to go all these years without a “cell phone”  and  also,  be able to get to work and make  appointments of every kind,  and all without  being attached to the  “cell phone?” How in the world,   did I and everyone else, way back then, be able to do it?

So,   with this  “instant connection” to the whole world, I feel  that all those with   “Cell Phones”  should consider being a help to their family and community,  by also  being a  “First Responders!” One never knows what might  just happen  in the next few minutes, but when there is a   “call  for  help”   you could be  one of the necessary  and the  “first responders”  by using your  cell phone  and getting immediate help,  for  where it is needed,  instantly!

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We,  all could take some additional  “First Aid” training so we can call for help,  and immediately administer  basic first aid  when an emergency situation arises.  Ordinary citizens never know,   but that  they are in that right place, at  just  that right time,  just to  be that  “first responders”  when disaster  strikes a blow?  It does not hurt to volunteer to take some extra training today,  as our world is moving at a  very high speed, and  with  everyone moving so much faster,  that is when and   where you will hear,  that emergency  call for “HELP!”

My daily prayer is including  “First Responders”  which includes all  the   Fire-fighters   –  Police  –  Emergency Room   – Doctors and Nurses  –  and every ordinary citizen, now  facing a  very serious situation,  of a  life needing immediate attention!   D.V.

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