“Little Lee and Charlie Brown”

           Charlie Brown – 06-13-1963img098

Lee Aldrich  Jr.,  and little Charlie Brown having fun in a rocking chair that also swings around  are the best of friends and  just having fun!

Just  like a boy and his “favorite pet”  should do. Charlie Brown is only (7)  seven weeks old on this photo.

This over-stuffed rocking chair was always the “best for rocking the baby”  to sleep,  as you are  just as comfortable as,  “you can be”  and as  you  rock and turn any which way,  just  as fast or as slow,  as your legs can move you around,  and  all in such sweet  comfort.

It won’t be too long, now  and little Lee and Charlie Brown will both,  be  sleeping and not even mind, that  they are   falling asleep together,  since they have each other to be with in the “LAND of BIG DREAMS”  forever!    D.V.

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