“More about Charlie Brown”

         “This is a ‘REAL’ DOG’s Life!”


This is “CHARLIE BROWN” our little “French” poodle and she is being groomed by a professional dog groomer,  that makes house calls.We were living in  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at the time and,  I thought it would be nice for our little son,  Lee Jr., to see exactly how, our  “CHARLIE BROWN” is made to look beautiful,    when she has “someone” to take good care of her.

Looks like “Charlie Brown” knows that this is, a regular course of events, when you are a poodle? You do  have to have your hair trimmed just so-so,   and a special bath,  with all the good smelling soaps, made just for the “well-care-for”  little doggie?

When,  having good experiences like this done at home,  for the children to participate in, that is –  in my opinion –  it helps for the children to always love and take  good care of their animals.

It helps for children to have a healthy and safe bond with animals, because as in our case,  the children have always had animals in their  home with us and  even NOW, also in their own homes with their own children,  and now, as TIME has gone by,    even the grand-children have their own animals, in their homes,   all are happy, with a very good and healthy  life as TIME passes on, for all!

It was handy to have a good size  “card-table” that we could use for the “Groomer” to set up and with lots of  “news-paper” to protect the table, we were in business for these home events, where  the children  could enjoy seeing and helping, or at least thought that they were helping,  and learning things that they have been able to put to good use all through their own LIFE and  even now,  able to do  all the same for their own animals.

“Thanks be to our Almighty CREATOR,  to have  given  to us beautiful small animals,  that we  can bring into our homes, sharing the LOVE and CARE,  that we all need,  and all together  treat each other,  just like FAMILY,   for all of their and OUR  LIFE,  for as long as we can.”    D.V.

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