“Time and Tide Wait For No Man”

Grandma On Getting Older – “GOGO”

Grandma “GOGO” used to always say, “You can always be sure of one thing in this “LIFE”  time, You will pay taxes and then die!” 

“WOW!”  Maybe a hundred years ago, those words meant a lot,  and to be sure that they were remembered, I was  so lucky to get to hear  all  of this, so many times, too many times to keep count.  Grandma “GOGO” had a special way of saying some things, she reminded me of the movie star actress, “Bette Davis”  in looks and how she would have enunciated special words,  so that you knew exactly, that which you are hearing, was of importance,  and to be remembered,  forever!

This message came across to lots of people, since she was born under the sign of,  “Balance” – “LIBRA”   and some times these people come across on the side  of sliding up  and or down,  and  then, when that happens,  she could give you  some special “enunciated” words in such a  strong way, that would let you know,  exactly the  “CORRECT” point of view, on a subject and  you will never, ever forget it!

Having given a  thought  or two about the death and taxes – there are a few other things, today,  that we need to give some serious thought to?  People are living longer, but how? Just to exist is not the way we should let our  “living” evolve? We need to give some thought to having a more “fulfilled” type of  “LIFE”  so that our time here on earth should say something worthwhile,  being  meaningful to and for our family and environment? Existence should proclaim a “Legacy”  of something done  of substance  that would be a hands-on kind of “MEANING”  maybe like a “foot-print”  covering your  past and present  plans you were making  to be continued  by  the following generations to remember that period of  “TIME”  that you were here!

The “Journey” we are on – and the PATHS we have selected will be making connections that will determine what we will be looking forward to  – for all eternity – will we have made the right choices along the way? Is each and every physical relationship made to the most precious “Gift” that we can give? Our “LIFE” here is a gift that is parted out to all those who enter into our Life-Path and we take on some of the gifts given to us and add purpose and meaning with  benefits to those gifts received and  to be spread out with even  bigger and better portions, as we  go along  with FAMILY and FRIENDS,  on this portion of our journey.

That’s the “LEGACY” that we must leave behind,  that special part of us,  and with all the best that we are able to add to it. “We receive and donate to the “GIFTS” and pass on to the next  of  our generations,  keeping the “JOURNEY” safe and  so much  better, as each time, each member does his best in  passing  on, more wisdom, knowledge and understanding onto each and every  new  generation,  to follow with  that  best of their “Legacy/Gift”    as we have all hoped and prayer for!”     D.V.


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