“Life-Sized Bunny Sleeps in My BED”

Sometimes you just run across a PHOTO – that just was not put in to any story,  because it was just sitting there, out there,  in LIMBO.

It is funny that  the word  “LIMBO” should have just popped up into my mind – regarding this PHOTO. The PHOTO was sent to me after,  Little  “Great Grand-son Lex”  had visited me for EASTER,  since an extra large “BUNNY” was on the Dinning Room table – taking up so much room, as only this terrifically   large size “Bunny Rabbit” would  be patiently waiting  for the smallest of our family.

Just such a  great big  “Bunny Rabbit” and all white and fluffy, just right for a small child to cuddle up in  and or,  also could be used for a sleeping blanket or just a big, or maybe a  huge  addition   to a very large size  bed, that is  full of over- sized pillows and  such things, to talk about.

This is one of  those,  “million dollar smiles” if ever,  I saw one,  and so happy to be able to share this “PHOTO” with the whole wide world!

As you can see, this is truly, one very large  size “Bunny”  – bigger than “LEX” and almost as large as any  adult.  Sure hope that “Little Lex” has lots of FUN,  with a  big old stuffed  “Bunny” larger than himself – and  that “LEX” gets to fall to sleep having  the very best of  “DREAMS”  when-ever  he and the  great “BIG Bunny”  decide to take their daily naps!    D.V.


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