“Happy Birthday to Aunt Irene Brady Riley”

“Aunt Irene Riley…PHOTOS FOUND”

Thanks to Jill,  for reminding me the other day,  that there was an old PHOTO of  “AUNT IRENE” in our  house on  “Fenway  Drive”  that,   she was sure, that  is where she had heard of our “Aunt Irene”  and  having never met her, but remember so much of our  talking about an “AUNT IRENE”   and if the “PHOTO”  that she remembered,  was still available?

The above “PHOTO” was inside the frame  and under the PHOTO,  which  you  can see below.   I am showing it first, because –   that is the face, I remember best.

This is the PHOTO of  “AUNT IRENE”  and it with several other framed  PHOTOS,  which were packed for moving, so many years ago.  So,  “how does someone look for “stuff ” to hang on the walls,  when the walls,  just are not suitable for  what you think  others will want to see, hanging”  and that includes,”all of your prize winning art works  of OLD!”

These  “PHOTOS” were taken, and this is my thought only, as I was not available at the time, to be “memory chips of  the past,” for Aunt Irene.

  The chair that “Aunt Irene” is sitting in,   is a “FAMILY HEIRLOOM”  as  there is a “MR. and MRS. chair”  and  “Aunt IRENE”  is sitting in the “MR.” chair,  and this is  with the old  original tapestry material. Some time later,  “Aunt  Irene” had re-covered  these chairs, which  were “WEDDING GIFTS”  to “Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. BRADY” as  they were her “Father and Mother.”   I do not have the WEDDING date available, but  the  (year 1875)  would be a good guess.

The “PHOTOS” on the table next to where “Aunt Irene”  is sitting is  of her husband, “Wm. B. Riley”  and their one and only son, “Bernard Riley.”  I believe that  “Bill and Irene”  did celebrate  at least “50 years”   of marriage, and maybe  a few more  years – seems to be a long time ago,  for me to remember.  “Mr. and Mrs. Thomas  F. BRADY”   also celebrated  over (50) years, since he lived till the  year 1929 and Grandma Anne till the year 1938.

It is good, that someone likes to keep track of  all  of the FAMILY  with photos of them and with some of their prize possessions – so that, as each generation comes along – the possessions and and PHOTOS with the written memories can belong to  more  Family members that like tracing their ancestors as far back as has been saved,  and  further on – out into the next generation.

This only, is  a reminder that,  you can not take with you – the wonderful items that you thought were important and useful to you,  while here on EARTH – but, after having enjoyed them for as long as you were here – you will always know – that when you enter into ETERNITY – that more of your FAMILY will continue in the using and enjoying those  items that you wanted them to have – just as reminders of  your LOVE  for them – if ever they want to take the  time to think  about you, and send a nice THANK YOU !

So thinking about “Aunt Irene”  and all of  our FAMILY – “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to DEAR,   Aunt Irene” – and enjoy HEAVEN with all of our FAMILY,  that is there with YOU  “We are all thinking about you, too!”        D.V.!

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