“We did Visit the Orphanage – After Leaving”

This PHOTO,  I am taking of Aunt Irene and brother, Denny and his wife, Judy is on one of the Summer Picnics, that they have in the month of June and or August.


This occasion has to be before 1969. because that is the year that  “Aunt Irene” passed on, to her greater reward – but I can not remember when and with  nothing written down, nice and  handy?  So, If you, could  give me your best guess – just by looking at the way we are dressed and what you see in this PHOTO?

My “Aunt Irene”  like to attend these Picnics because, the “Ladies Solidarity of, Our Lady of Sorrows Church” would have a “Booth” to help raise money for the Orphan Home –  and she was one of the members that would work there for a few hours – helping to sell “Chance tickets” to win a “QUILT” that all of the Ladies would  help in the hand crafting  – an item that would last forever.

There were a good number of Organizations from and around the Saint Louis area that, would be there for these Picnics – with the idea of making extra income for the Orphans – and what ever they  may have special needs for – in that particular year. Even the ORPHANS would be running around with their hands filled with  tickets to sell.

Which reminds me, that –  when we were  “ORPHANS” – my brothers and I would also be doing the same thing – we would run around as fast  as we could, to catch new people coming in to visit for the day of Activities and to buy a very good DINNER – which was a terrific meal for the price – but we wanted to sell our sheets of tickets, because the “ORPHAN” that would sell the most “Tickets” – would WIN a PRIZE!

Each ticket had twelve places for name and address, and each “Chance” cost only “ten cents”  but, for “One Dollar” you could  write your name and address across the whole sheet  and have “two extra ” chances to WIN!

We would run our legs off – just trying to get the most tickets sold – just to WIN the BIG PRIZE for being the seller of the most tickets!

But, “DENNY” had the advantage over, the rest of us kids! “DENNY” had the best shade of “RED HAIR” and “Freckles” and he was well remembered by all the people that met him. You could call him,  “HEY RED” – or “Hey Freckles” and there was only one good looking “Irishman” around that had that  smile that you “LOVED” and  if he was selling the “Brooklyn Bridge” – you would buy it from “RED” himself!

“DENNY” was the WINNER every time they wanted a large amount of thickets sold,  and had the catch  phrase,   “You will  WIN a PRIZE!”

“That is what you might call, “the LUCK of the IRISH” – and my brother, DENNY had the best of LUCK all of his LIFE – which is a very special Blessing from our CREATOR,  – the ONE and Only One – that Blesses us in all of our needs – as we  and that would be “DENNY” gave so generously  to the needy and all of the children in the world where  he was able!

My brother, DENNY will always be remembered by all those that knew him as they always will LOVE and miss him – until that day comes that we will all meet again!         D.V.

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