“Today – We Remember Denny”

“Send Mail to “DENNY”on Cloud 9”

After following your  “road map”  for your designated   TIME, to be  here, on EARTH  and   if  you are   unfamiliar  with reading  the  “Life Road Signs” that are     for just you and only you, while here on EARTH, it is time to  check out your BIBLE!

Open it and get the “Spiritual WISDOM” you need to make this journey,  a  wonderful and true success, in  your quest in finding  that “Seventh Heaven!” 

 As you  can see below,  is   my younger brother,  “DENNY McClarren.”   He  did follow on to  that  correct  road, he NOW resides  at and on  that extra  special “Cloud NINE”   and  finally – “DENNY” is  truly  enjoying  being in that  pre-arranged  and lofty “CLOUD NINE” section,  just soaring  with LOVE and Comfort, from one HAPPY CLOUD, as high as the Heavens above allow, and forever!

“When we also arrive to be with “Denny” someday,  as TIME flies by  for us – and maybe very  soon,  we too,  will surely know   “De De”  as that is how,  I used to say his name when  a very  young child.

We will  immediately know,  “De De” by that wonderful smile,   and that wonderful  and best shade of red hair, always wished that I had it, too –  and all those “freckles”  another thing that I did not receive!  “Denny” just got the map of  “Ireland” a true “Irishman.” “If, I say so, myself!”

“When you see those  tremendous  “true BLUE skies”  rolling  on by, be sure to  “WAVE”   and holler  out just as loud as you can,  “I see you,  DENNY!” and…“I find you, on “CLOUD NINE!”                 xoxoxoxoxo

“In Loving Memory of my brother, Denny H. McClarren, Jr. – January 24, 1939 – August 9, 2015”

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