“HAPPY Memories Last Forever”

“Denny is NOW by the SEASHORE”

“I sure am glad,  that Mom took this PHOTO of  “DENNY and  ME” when he came home for his first Leave.” 

At this time, I  was working for “Krey Packing Co.”  in the bookkeeping section,  and as an employee, was allowed to have a discount on one of their very best whole HAMS! “In all of the excitement of Denny’s home-coming,  I am trying to slice the “HAM” and do a whole lot of talking – all at the same time, so that is what I have in my hand while talking to “DENNY”  – just have to try a sample, and since we were  laughing and catching up on all the things that “Denny” was doing and learning in the “ARMY”  just going over-board with FUN,  the “HOLIDAYS”  help with  having such a wonderful  time,  MOM took this shot of us , which was one of the best things to happen, and without knowing, that this PHOTO would become  one of my most favorite  of all time PHOTOS, because DENNY is so  extra happy and he has that “million dollar” smile, right there for “ME” to enjoy – for all of my LIFE!

“I only wish that, that is if  “WISHES” would even or ever come true,  that  I would have had “color film” in the camera,   that way, “everyone” would  be able to see  just  exactly  and how “IRISH”  DENNY  is! 

With such a  beautiful  shade of red hair,  and  with some freckles  to match,  and in a most distinguished  “United States Army”   uniform,  and has  always  been a meticulous dresser,  Blessed with that  wonderful “smile”  that is given by our CREATOR, to those that he LOVES, would melt  the heart of any  one,  just to  have the chance to get to know  DENNY, and to LOVE  DENNY, forever!

This  now, is in  the mid 1940’s,  at the “Fairgrounds Park” and for this PHOTO of us, taken by Mama,  I am most grateful! 

It is with some of these old PHOTOS, that  I can see and remember  as far back to these days and times  – during the days of WWII – when we all did our part in helping with the “WAR” effort.

We all did our best to help where ever we could and at the same time learn to do without the luxuries of LIFE  – as the times were so different from what children have and take for granted, today.

But, one thing for sure, we were HAPPY  and safe and  when we  did things – we did them together as a FAMILY having so much FUN!   I am so  THANKFUL to Almighty Yahweh,  that He gave us a terrific FAMILY,  one filled  with so  many marvelous  memories of of times when a FAMILY enjoyed being together  having rules to keep – and played with friends and neighbors  in their own neighborhoods and could even go to the near by PARKS  safely walking – never needing a vehicle to get to go  places –  as we could walk for hours, never ever getting tired  – seeing and learning about all of the wonderful “Landmarks”   that were  established there,  for us  to learn about the history of those, that had settled here in the early 1800’s.

All of those and so many more memories, that will last  and be remembered,  forever!

The music is especially for “DENNY” since he  was living in Florida, with his boat  docked  just past the back yard,  able to enjoy the “Seashore”   and all the fruits of his labor,  here on Earth!  NOW,  “Denny” is enjoying a  far greater  and so much better place, being now at  home with his CREATOR!   D.V.

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