“We LOVE the NAVY”

“How does that song go, “Your in the NAVY,  NOW”  – – and you are the  best NAVY MAN in our FAMILY!”

If the music for the “NAVY” does not put you in the mood to rush on down to your   nearest, NAVY Requiter’s Office  – – right,  NOW  –  Put some blood in those veins! Open up a can of  “Pop-Eye’s” best Spinach, and turn yourself into one of  “AMERICA’s”   finest NAVY MEN, for all TIME!

“Thanks for serving, when called on to do so! Your COUNTRY,  “AMERICA  loves you” -and the  “ALMIGHTY  YAHWEH”  loves and strengthens you,  and I am praying for each and everyone,  every day and night.”  “Thank You!”  DV

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