“Some Dumb Stuff – That You Still Remember”

Sister Florence

Sometimes, I have a wild imagination, realized that in the 3rd and 4th grades.  Sister Florence taught the 3rd and 4th grades, and from what I remember,  when she  would talk about her life before, becoming  a “Nun”  that, as a young girl,  she never smelt any unpleasant smells?  

It is  very odd, when you think back,  about some of  the  old  and of  complete nonsensical stuff,  that  you  will remember of,   and about  someone else, having said, over fifty years ago.

Sister Florence  was writing a book,  title name, “Topsy”    in her spare time and every so often,  she would read a chapter to us in class, as  a special treat!  This was  way before “television” –  and was so much better, as we could sit back in our  “School” seats, just relax,  and let the words as she read to us, present pictures into our brains, as we each enjoyed the story,  we  all – could hardly wait to hear the next chapter! As far as I know, the book was never finished.  Never heard any more about the story, after leaving her classroom,  as  it was,  time for me to go to the 5th and 6th grade classroom.

Sister Florence may have studied art when she was in Collage and or  she seem to have lots of  natural talent and  ability,  as  when in her class room,  there was always an “art table” set-up arrangements, where  she  had  lots of paints and colored pencils to  do almost anything,   she wanted in the creative field.

For  every  “Holiday” she would  have each of us students start making something  extra special,  for  our “Parents!” ”This is  one thing, that I really liked and was  ready to excel in this kind of learning,  since my Mother  saved everything  and anything that, I and my brothers made in   any kind of  a “CREATIVE” way!”  Every so often, I still  find  something,  that I made for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day and even for Christmas – just all kinds of extra special things –  and always with some  outstanding extra “flair” that, “Sister Florence”  would add. Anything that we, kids made for my “MOM” must have had some invisible words written across – “Keep this Forever” – – just making everything  that we made,  worth saving forever! Today, I still  have some of    “Our Prize works of  Art” – and will keep  them, forever!

My big break for writing came when  “Sister Florence,”
opened a box of “Pictures”-  “cut outs”  from magazines and other sources  available back then, in the  1940’s!   She announced  that we should  take a picture from that box  and write a story,  something interesting  and long enough to be of  interest to our parents and  for all of  those  guests/visitors  – who would be reading  the stories as they hung on the walls of our Class Room on “Anniversary  Day!”

Sister, also said, there would be a “Prize”!   That’s all I needed  to hear!    A   picture  is worth   a “Thousand Words”  and  I wrote  “32”  separate stories and  won the “Prize”!

Thanks be to our Almighty Creator,  for giving each of his children so many  different talents – and the ability to hear the word “PRIZE” to motivate us to doing even more than,  what  was expected –  just to WIN that special  PRIZE!    D.V.

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