“O key – Dokey”

“O Key – Dokey” is the answer, that  I received on the “telephone”  earlier today,  when I was talking to my son, Lee.

So, all day – I kept hearing those silly words working around in my head – just could not stop thinking – that I have not heard anyone say “O key – Dokey” in maybe 50 years  or more. No one,  that I know of – has ever answered me – when talking – with a “O key – Dokey” and in such a silly little ole sing-song way?

Since it has been so long,  just had to check it out on line – just to see if there was a song – and just exactly  what the words  still meant?  Never can tell, what “words” mean, today!  Seems that some of the old stuff,  that we thought was okay and funny,  a hundred years ago,  well – it has an entirely different meaning today.

After my search on-line, found the above song for “kids” that seems to be all-right, as children are singing it, or so it looks and sounds like, to me.

The words still float around in my brain, just  guessing  that they will for awhile.  Waiting to use these same old words,  when my son, Lee calls back.  Boy, “OH-Boy” – will he  ever be surprised!  So I’m guessing, we  will have to find out – how and why and or where he picked up these silly old words – from a hundred years back or so? Guess we will be laughing for a long time,  on the phone – sure glad that,  this is not way back  in those “good ole” days, that, I can remember  – when we talked a long time on the phone –   “toll calls”  ended up, costing the “caller” a pretty  dine or two!

Let me know – if you have some silly “old time” words, that we do not use?  Just  maybe,   they need to be revised and or used again – maybe just for effect!

“Silly is”  as   “old SILLY  does”  and  “that would be me.” “Fun and laughter is the name of the game!”  “How else can one keep  their self,  young – and try to be a little younger,  than they really are!”

“If you have small children around – play the above song, “HOKEY – COKEY”   but, do  say the  old words “O key – Dokey” – see if they will remember, later on.” 

When the children ask if they can do something, and you answer in a “sing-song” voice, “O key – Dokey”  and then you all,  will  start to laugh and continue having more “FUN” with more singing and dancing around,  just remember then,   that you are  making a terrific memory,  for all to remember, forever!

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