“Happy Birthday to LEX from Great Grandma”

It sure is a good thing, to remember the “half-way mark” in time. What I mean, to say is – that little children love music, and when it is just for them – well then, that means more FUN,  for them too!

So, when you are  at the big “one and a half” going on to the BIG  BOY  “TWO” – let us start singing and dancing all  to some “HAPPY” music – made just for “LEX”  himself!

Great Grandmas’  just LOVE to sing and dance, since they are  “NOW” in their second “CHILD-hood” stage, and just LOVE  playing like a kid,  again!

As a “KID” again – I am trying to decide, if it is more “FUN”  doing the age of  “TEN”  better, than starting out again, at the beginning age, of  just  being the big “ONE!” 

“It is so much more  “FUN”  at this age – when you can change the years around, this way, or that a way,  just to see where the cooperating  “BODY” wants to take you!”  All these many years, I remember telling everyone  – that is,  to all  those, that were so nosy, and just had to ask, “HOW old,  are you  anyway?”

For so many years, I was keeping company, with good old “JACK BENNY” himself  – till all of a sudden, my son turned “39” and then, even for a while, I would just tell  everyone, “We are both, “39” again!” 

There were a few “dumb looks”  as I remember – but then, as time goes on, “It goes on without, YOU!”  There just seems to be an awakening amongst the people that do  know you, and they already have a good idea – so why go through the old, “Song and Dance”  routine,  again?

Life is so FUNNY, at times –  that is when you are young – I mean “real young”  you tell everyone how old you are – but,   you have added too many extra years. Then when you do hit “21” – you stay there for awhile.

Some are like me, when I was “15” and applying for work, I was asked, “Are you, 18” and thinking that I may look “18” to them, I  just said,  “YES!”  So I filled out all the paper work and did not have a Social Security card. I just said, “No one ask me for one, before?”   They were so nice, they said, “Don’t worry, we will send for one, for YOU!”

So the good word for “TODAY”  is, “Be what  ever age you feel comfortable, at being – no matter what age you are – YOU will have FUN – if you can just show everyone  some “LOVE and KINDNESS”  for all  of the wonderful things,  that they are helping you  to do, each and everyday of your LIFE!

“OH” one more thing,  everyone was created for a very special job,  and or task to do here on EARTH.   If you give THANKS to your Creator day and night, when getting up early in the day and when you go to bed at night – You will be guided along your journey here, as to what you were created to do!  “Seek and find” and before you know it – you will find that “special PATH” made just for you!   D.V.

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