“Bless All Grand-Parents Today and Forever”

Listening to radio station 91.5 FM today, the “Complete Story” had some really interesting items on the program – that I feel I should pass on.

The two different songs and the singers were just extraordinary,  so –  I have to pass on to see if you, the readers’ will think so, too?

The last article is something that most people will not be interested in – since they were not alive when this was happening. The  reason for my including this  article is, because –  it is something a lot of us need to be, and that is to be more “forgiving” of one to another,  just to be ready for  our leaving this LIFE,  for a much better LIFE,  for all Eternity, with our Creator!

To be more forgiving of one another is hard to do, but – if we do not – we, ourselves suffer – so it is so much better to “Forgive and Forget” – just for that much better LIFE we can then make for ourselves!

Larry Wayne Morbitt – Down from His Glory

It Is No Secret” – Carroll Roberson

***** “The Greatest Gift of All is Love” *****

“Be the LIGHT of he World – Forgiveness  unlocks the Chains  of HAT!”


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