“The Spirit of St. Louis Air Show”

  Here we are sending GREETINGS to all of our FRIENDS that were unable, to come along for all of the FUN!

Looks like little LEX is busy watching the main event, the “Blue Angels” – because that is what “LEX” wants to be when he is a little older!

If you did not get your tickets,  in time for the “SHOW” just hate to say it,  but you did miss out,  on one of the very best  “EVENTS” taking place, right here in the “Saint Louis” area!

     “Spirit of St. Louis Air Show & STEM Expo”

“Just one of the BEST   “Air SHOWS” and everyone we talked with – just had so much Fun,  enjoying all of  the planned  “Activities”   here at  the “SPIRIT of St. LOUIS  AIR SHOW”  a most  wonderful  “TIME”  for all of  us, in Saint Louis!”

“LUCKY  Saint Louis to have the History and Heritage with men and women to carry  on  with all of the “AVENUES of  FLIGHT”  now,  and  for all generations,  that will  follow!”     D.V.

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