“Remembering 9/11/01

There are some things in our Lives,  that we just can not forget!

The above PHOTO brings to mind just exactly what I was doing – where and how  – all of us at “WORK” in MISSOURI were getting word  something terrible was happening.

All of a sudden everyone in America was put on “RED ALERT”  in which  there was an enemy attacking  the New York City area  and  surrounding areas, which now  appears imminent broadly causing  a state of  high alert, brought on by  this impending danger of these PLANES diving into the “TWIN TOWERS.”

Everyone was passing on information,  that they were receiving from radios and TV – as to what was going on. The most important thing that a lot of  the people that  I was with and knew,  were starting to PRAY for all of  those that were falling from the “Twin Towers” and those we heard were caught in the elevators and stair-wells –  as there was –  no way of escape!



We must always remember these acts of violence and PRAY that we can forgive those that have such anger, that drives them to these acts of violence, but we must always we prepared to continue to PROTECT the FREEDOM of AMERICA  for all and for all TIME!     D.V.

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