“May the Almighty Bless Your Home,too”

How do you like the above   “Aldrich HOME” prayer?  Seems like I have had  the above hanging on the front of the refrigerator, for a very  long time.

Today, more than ever, we do need some “PRAYERS” especially when it comes time to eat. I feel that it is good, that we take the time to say a prayer  because, as we walk through LIFE – we are going faster than our ancestors, as they were able to get more done in twenty-four hours, than we get done, and mostly due to our conveniences, that make things easier to do in less time, but we cram more into our doing  process, than we need to do!

When is the last time you and your FAMILY, took the time to sit down, all the members, together around  the table for the big “BREAKFAST” meal?  May as well ask that  same question about the “SUPPER MEAL” when all of the FAMILY members should  now, be back HOME from the Office and or Business  affairs, and the children should be Home from School?

When we were small – we had our meals together and at the time time, but there was no television – not invented as yet! Then the time for us to go to the Orphanage, “WOW” – we did everything by the “CLOCK” and never a variance of any kind!

How many times, when I hear someone say “NEVER” – I have to immediately stop them because,  as soon as the word is said, sometime in the past – a remembrance comes to mind!

Just that fast, my brain  remembered, when we were in the Orphanage, I may have been in the “5th Grade” and my two brothers were in the next lower grades, and I do  believe, that my brothers, Denny and Tommy saved the day for the “Velvet Freeze Ice Cream” store – that was near the Orphanage. It was probably a very “HOT DAY” like today, and for some unknown reason, the electric was not working and the “ICE CREAM” would all be melted and they needed to get rid of a very large supply of “ICE CREAM”, immediately!

As it happens, at twelve o’clock noon, in the Orphanage we have our “DINNER MEAL” at NOON. That is everyday and exactly “NOON” – the largest meal of the day for us. “Supper”  is  at  “Six”  in the evening, almost nothing, as we go to bed at “Ten after SEVEN” every evening, so you can not sleep with your stomach full. Also we rise at “Five-Thirty” and our day begins with Church at “Six O’clock”

On this particular day, just after “NOON” and we all had our “Dinner” and were now back into our classrooms, when a call came that there was “FREE” Ice Cream for the Orphans – “Come and GET it!” The vehicle that the “NUN” used for going to “TOWN” in,  with a driver – they went over and picked up gallons and gallons of “ICE CREAM” – all that they could load up!

We did not have freezers, but we had many mouths – that like “ICE CREAM.”  So,  all of the children were sent back down from “SCHOOL” to the Dining rooms. We got in line,  each of us picking up a spoon and a  Pint – Quart or whatever size of “Ice Cream” in a container – that you were able to eat and fast!

This could have been called “Christmas” as none of us, in our whole LIFE were invited to eat as much “ICE CREAM” as we could – just to help the “store” from having to throw it out! That only happened that one time – but we  each got   more “ICE CREAM”  – just as fast as we emptied a container, and were out of School,  for as long as it took,  for us  to continue  eating and enjoying  this FREE ice cream, and  as much as we could!

Later in the day, we found out,  that my brother, DENNY had the most ICE CREAM and Tommy had his fair share  – there is always a “Tally” of what – went where – just for the record!

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