“Make a WISH TIME”

After you blow out the candles on the “Birthday Cake”  someone asks the question, “Did you make a WISH?”

How in the world could I think, just so much to think about –  what am I doing, where should I stand, do I have enough extra “AIR” just to throw-out, so that all   of the candles will be out – can not have one of those that you can never get completely blown out? 

And then, on top of everything else – did I remember to make a WISH?  “WOW”  “I know that I am now, in my second  “child-hood” – but I sure do not remember LIFE being so complicated,  back then, when I was only TEN?”

This next PHOTO is of my GREAT Grandson,Lex, himself and he is just eighteen months old. Little LEX may not know the words for this game, but he found this spot by the drapes, and gives us the biggest of smiles and laughs, when he pulls back the drape – after he thinks he has been hidden from us, and hears all of  us sing out “PEEK-a-boo” “We see you, LEX” and just as fast,  “Little Lex” grabs that leading edge of drape material, swings it around himself,  just like “Superman” would do, and the game goes on, for as long as LittleLex, wants to play!

That is the cutest and best smile to see, when you know everyone is having FUN, playing a terrific game with “Superman, LEX!”

This is a retake of the first PHOTO, and by the time we get “ME” all charged  up  and  a “raren to go”  – with the main thought – blow out all the candles – and then make a “WISH” – that just maybe,  someday – may come true??

Well, all of this silly stuff for grown-ups, was not what little LEX had on his mind to do. Looking at this PHOTO, it looks like to me, that “LITTLE LEX” said to himself, “I’ll just catch a nice “forty winks” – see if they even notice?

So, when you take the time to start having FUN in your second “Childhood” – the best part is to include all of the youngsters in the FAMILY – They will have FUN watching  you do all the silly things that you used to do a hundred years ago – and will say. “I Just did that, because I was not allowed to do that back then – we all had to,  toe the mark, or else – and you do not want to find out, what the  “Or Else” is, never!”

“I can still hear everyone singing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” – that is some real music – when you are in your second child-hood and you are enjoying cake and ice-cream!”          D.V.

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